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Meet the zombie horde: eerily fast, sensitive to loud noises and movement, and able to attack in ravenous waves. They might not notice you right away, but when they do, watch out—they're fast, and it won't take long for them to close the distance.
Witches only want to be left alone so they can enjoy a good cry. They hate flashlights and loud noises, but what they hate more than anything is being shot at. If you hear the Witch's tell tale sobs, turn off your flashlights and try to sneak around her. If she starts to get angry, her growl will let you know she's close to attacking.
The fat, slow Boomer vomits a thick bile with two side effects: It blinds Survivors, and it attracts hordes of Infected. When Boomers are killed, they explode, showering bile on anyone nearby. Get close to Survivors when attacking. Even if you miss, they might not.
Smokers work best from an out-of-sight vantage point. Ensnaring Survivors from rooftops leaves them helpless and hanging—perfect targets for a pounce or vomit attack from a teammate.
Hunters are a mutated breed of zombie—faster, fiercer and far more dangerous than common Infected. Keep your ears perked—a shriek from the darkness means a Hunter is near, and ready to pounce in for the kill.
Mutated through infection, the Tank's only strategy is brute force. Find the Survivors. Pummel them to death. Repeat. Healthy Survivors can run slightly faster than you. Try to trap them in tight areas, or use a thrown chunk of concrete to stun them.