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L4D Roundup: Contest Results, Great Deals and Early Reviews

November 18, 2008 - L4D Team

Our "Dude, Where's My Thumb?" contest finishes today. We asked hopefuls in the US and UK to submit a picture of themselves in front of a Left 4 Dead billboard for a chance to win prizes. Gabe Newell's looked through all the entries and selected 25 lucky winners, who can watch out for a free copy of Left 4 Dead heading their way. And a big congratulations goes out to our first place winner, Aren Roberson, who's getting a new gaming PC from AMD for his awesome entry (above).

Thanks to the Left 4 Dead Four Pack, you can play L4D the way it was meant to be played—with friends—at a big discount. Buy four copies of L4D for only $149.99. Click the link for more info on this great deal.

As our first day of release comes to a close, early reviews from the gaming press are starting to appear. Click here to read how we did.