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You’re gonna need two new friends

August 15, 2012 - L4D Team

Today, Team Fortress 2 is adding co-op and robots to their game! There is only one problem - don’t worry, robots are just the zombies of the future that’s not the problem – the problem is this is 6 player co-op not 4. So you’re gonna need to find a few new friends, a younger brother, your mom, someone, anyone to join you and your three friend to fight the lethal horde of robots.

And don’t forget Team Fortress is free, so when you invite your new found friends to the game – tell ‘em you bought it for them and it set you back $50. It’s your early birthday gift to your 4th and 5th favorite people in the world…

Visit www.teamfortress.com/mvm/ for more information.