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Left 4 Dead 2 - Update

October 14, 2020 - L4D Team

An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2. Last Stand: - Fixed ammo pile in Junkyard not spawning on second round of Versus. - Fixed exploit where the trigger used to quiet the Director could be activated after the finale started. Survival: - Fixed an issue where Fallen Survivors could still drop medkits on Riverbank. - Fixed issue where several weapon spawners would absorb dropped weapons on Barge. Tank Run: - Fixed an issue in Scavenge finales that prevented the escape vehicle from working. - The Sacrifice finale will now spawn Tanks properly and the bridge will lower when the timer reaches 0. RocketDude: - Fixed players ending up with no viewmodel and no avatar by rejoining a game where any survivor already left the safe room. - Added support for custom playground maps ( a guide will provided by ReneTM ). - Fixed players not instantly dying when jumping into c14m1 safe room water area. - Fixed players not instantly dying when jumping into c14m2 finale water. - Lowered slow motion probability from 10% to 5% as requested by many players. - Fixed RocketDude decals sometimes not showing up. - Fixed new best times not saving. - Added Start and finish textures. Other: - Updated several Mutations to fix the issue where the weapons in Whitaker's Gun Store weren't being removed or converted. - Fixed tanks failing to spawn in versus on No Mercy 3 (at 90+% boss flow). - Fixed tanks spawning before the finale on No Mercy 5. - Fixed a few stuck Special Infected issues on survival maps. - Fixed setting the input mode to joystick/Steam Input. - Increased command limit before causing a disconnect. - Fixed some reported model crashes.