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Left 4 Dead 2 - Update

October 2, 2020 - L4D Team

An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2. - Fixed "New Haircut" achievement to not allow club-type melee weapons. - Additional prevention of getting disconnected when spamming the scroll wheel. - In Survival mode, if a special infected reports as stuck for more than two minutes it will suicide. - Compiled captions and subtitles from dlc1. - Fixed a couple instances where tank could spawn outside the warp check zone (but was intended to be warped) - Added nav in ground in outer areas so that throwing a bile out there doesn't cause infected to just stand around. - Blood Harvest 2 Warehouse Survival: shortened a nav blocker next to some stairs. - Check for Realism in addition to Coop base mode for all exploit fixes to prevent some shortcut fixes from spawning in Realism Coop. - Moved 64 exploit blocks to Versus-only, most notably Dark Carnival 3 Coaster, Parish 5 Bridge and Dead Air 2 Crane. Rocket Dude: - removed PlayerUnderWater() - added Speedrunner stats ( local use only ) - improved script performance - fixed script enabling glows for projectiles on multiple ticks - removed obsolete code precaching an early dev model Tank Run: - During the finale, the double-Tank spawns are now set to 40 seconds instead of the normal 20 second timer. Versus: - Increased max ghost spawn timers to 24 seconds. - Fixed witches time to kill on incapacitated survivors being faster than intended - it should now take the same time as pre-update. Survival: - Cane Field: Moved the ammo pile on the roof slightly. - Float: Removed the ammo pile inside the house at the bottom of the stairs. - Generator Room: Fixed ZombieDiscardRange not working properly. - Crash Course Bridge: Marked nav areas behind a fence as NO MOBS. - Gun Store: Clipped exploit area above barricades where infected wouldn't path to the Survivors. - Cold Stream Junkyard: Removed alarmed car that's out-of-map. - Terminal: Fixed ZombieSpawnRange not working properly. - Waterfront: Blocked additional nav areas in an alley to prevent the Tank from getting stuck. Versus Survival: - The train door will now automatically open when the countdown timer reaches 0 on Train Car. c1m1: - Fixed issue where survivor bots refused to path through the kitchen fire area. c1m3: - Moved an exposed stairwell hurt trigger down inside a vending machine to stop it from killing players. c2m2: - Fixed a forklift being breakable by survivors c3m3: - Slightly adjusted an infected ladder to improve usability c4m1 + c4m4: - Blocked survivor access to a rooftop next to the playground commonly used to grief - Added a ladder from map 2/3 for consistency between maps and to help players who fall off the safe room roof c5m2: - Added an infected ladder to get out of a stuck spot - Added a hittable dumpster behind the bathrooms in the park - Replaced a prop ladder on top of the bus station with an infected ladder c5m3: - Replaced a prop ladder with an infected ladder (behind the fence immediately after survivors drop towards the cemetery) - Added an extra ladder to the above mentioned fence c7m1: - Fixed grenade launcher spawns having an incorrect count. c8m1: - Added a clip to prevent players movement being obstructed by a ladder near the car alarm c11m1: - Added wrong way signs above the greenhouse safe room Last Stand: - Fixed rescue closet spawns in the Junkyard so Survivors don't get stuck in the floor or wall.