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Left 4 Dead 2 - Update

September 28, 2020 - L4D Team

An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2. - Reoriented some of the new HUD images - Updated several nav meshes based on feedback - Fixed a bug where a door model was lacking prop data - Fixed spontaneous muzzle flashes on certain rifles when playing online - Adjusted knife's attack delay - Fixed c10m3 versus survival tank spawn issue - Fixed stuck spots on a few survival maps - Various other fixes to the nav mesh from feedback - Fixed a typo in one of the new shotgun sounds - Fixed material sorting issues with skin mods on Molotov world model Achievements: - Only award "Fat Ninja" for a direct vomit attack, not a boomer explosion. - Fixed "Golden Freeman" not awarding pickups on dedicated servers. - Award survival medals to the entire team, including dead players. - Fixed "The Big Ten" and "Supreme Survivalist" not unlocking on dedicated servers. - Only award "The Last Frontier" on the Last Stand campaign. - Don't award Survival achievements in Versus Survival and vice-versa Survival: - Waterfront - Removed cars outside the playable area to prevent infected from getting stuck. - Generator Room - Increased ZombieDiscardRange. - Church - Removed Laser Sights. - Streets - Swapped the Military Sniper and the Ammo Pile spawns around. - Warehouse - Removed mortar bags from under some stairs. - Cold Stream Junkyard - Removed Laser Sights. Versus Survival: - Made it so the plane crash will trigger if the countdown timer reaches 0 on Runway. - The Save 4 Less store door will now open when the timer reaches 0 on Gun Store. - The alarmed door will now open when the timer reaches 0 on Warehouse. Tank Run: - Updated finales so rescue timer won't appear in Scavenge finales (you need to collect all the gas cans). - Fixed The Sacrifice finale not working properly. - Two Tanks will now spawn at once during the non-Scavenge finales.