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Feb 3rd Update - Hard Eight, More Cold Stream

February 3, 2012 - L4D Team

Hard Eight!!
Double the specials, quadruple the fun!

Face eight Special Infected at one time, this is double the standard number! And if that wasn’t trouble enough, we also increase the spawning frequency so it is raining Specials.

Why aren’t you going to give it a try? Scared?

More Cold Stream
Today we are releasing some bug and exploit fixes on the PC for Blood Harvest.

We have to thank everyone for their feedback and help catching these issues and making the campaigns better but we want to give a special thanks to Tabbernaut from the Steam forums for providing a concise lists of issues.

We still have a few minor fixes and performance improvements for the Cold Stream Campaign. We are going to be releasing those changes in a few weeks as the final build for the DLC.

On the 360 side we have been making some additional performance improvements. The finale section of Cold Stream in particular was a sticky area to pull off. Not only do we have to worry about view distances but the way the common infected move and navigate areas.

One of the results of our extensive performance tuning of the Cold Stream campaign is that we will be writing up and sharing some information with modders on improving the performance of their campaigns.

So enjoy Hard Eight and in a few weeks we will have another content update as we prepare Cold Stream to go into the Xbox 360 certification process.