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December 2nd Update - Special Confogl Update

December 2, 2011 - L4D Team

Competitive Versus Mutation

Confogl is a set of rules for competitive L4D2 Versus that standardizes many of the elements and changes item and weapon distribution. In general it tips the balance a bit more towards the Infected.

ProdigySim, the creator of this Mutation, has made an update based on community feedback. He has reduced scavenge item counts, reduced number of hunting rifle spawns, and some other small tweaks. Keep giving him feedback on the changes.

We have other updates for this month but we want to let people get accustomed to this Mutation so we will be having Confogl for the entire month of December.

In honor of the competitive mutation and the start of the CSGO stress test this week, we will be keeping the poll active. Let us know.