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October 7th Update

October 7, 2011 - L4D Team

Gib Fest, Mobile, L4D2 in L4D1, Community Help

Gib Fest
Blast the infected to shreds with M60s.

Swords can slice up some fun. Chainsaws can tear apart the infected. But you need to get close for both and well… chainsaws are really loud! Time to go with the ultimate gun, you and three friends armed with M60s and unlimited ammo. This is going to get messy.

We asked last poll if you play games on your phone. For PC players only 9% of you frequently play games on your phone compared to 16% for 360 players. The “Sometimes” answer was closer with 23% on the PC to 21% for the 360. “Rarely” saw 20% for the PC and 16% for the 360. 35% of PC players never play games on their phone compared to 31% for the 360. Finally 13% of the respondents on the PC and 16% on the 360 do not own phones to play games on.

L4D2 in L4D1
What Left 4 Dead 2 Special Infected makes the biggest impact/is the most dangerous in the Left 4 Dead 1 maps? For PC players this will be based on experience for 360 players this is a question about what you anticipate.

Community Help
Special thanks to LarryBrains for the Death Toll Finale changes and Rayman1103 for some survivor audio help/suggestions that are included in today’s update.