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Streams Crossed!*

July 7, 2011 - L4D Team

We asked for 20,000 players to get the Stream Crosser achievement by Sunday night. You started playing at 10am on Wednesday morning. Four and half hours later you surpassed the 20,000 target. By 5pm you passed 30,000. By this morning at 10am – a mere 24 hours later you hit 60,774!

Thanks! This is a great stress test on Cold Stream. If you can, keep playing and submitting bugs this weekend. We have a bunch of bug reports and feedback – seems some of you don’t believe in purple and black checkerboard paintings. For Cold Stream the campaign this means we can fix those bugs, continue tweaking some game play and do our final performance optimization pass.
The rest of the campaigns included in the DLC are also being worked on as we modify some locations and make some optimization improvements on them as well.

Since you hit your mark, this means we are going to unlock Dead Air early. We are going to try and release it as early as possible but will release it on July 22nd the latest. It isn’t currently ready for release as we have been working on The Terminal and Finale maps and need to test them more internally.

What else is coming? We have been working on and testing a new version of the Dark Carnival finale and some gameplay changes for finales in general. We want to get some more of these changes out and tested on the PC. Once those are solid and our new campaigns are ready, we will go into the certification process on the Xbox 360 and then release. What date is that? Hard to say but with your help it just got closer.

*While we crossed streams we did avoid total protonic reversal. Good job everybody.