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January 28th Update

January 28, 2011 - L4D Team

Nightmare, Encore?, Vote Kicking

You’ll never see them coming

This Survival Mutation was inspired by Karma Jockey. There are commons, plenty of beefed up Specials, no glows, and lots and lots of fog. If you like to be scared by things that jump out at you from the night, this one is for you.

This week’s new Mutation should make it clear how people voted in the previous poll. 46% of the votes were for a new community Mutation this week. 29% voted for an Encore Mutation. 24% of the voters were undecided, confused, or both. We will still occasionally have an Encore Mutation, but this week - a new Mutation.

Vote Kicking
Do you vote kick? Why do you vote kick? If you do vote kick, pick the most common reason when answering this week’s in-game poll.