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January 14th Update

January 14, 2011 - L4D Team

Riding My Survivor, Secondary Weapon, The Next Mutation, Custom Campaigns

Riding My Survivor
Do I hear a Jockey?

This Versus Mutation is all about Jockeys. The Jockeys have increased health ,speed and damage. The humans have increased hatred for the Jockey’s call. This community Mutation was created by Winded.

Secondary Weapon
Last poll asked what secondary weapon do you prefer. 47% chose Melee. 33% chose the Magnum. 18% chose dual pistols. And that leaves 2% for a single pistol or more likely 2% of the people answering the poll each week hit the wrong button …

Future Mutation?
One last question on Mutations themselves. Would you prefer encore selections on a regular schedule or continuing to experiment with Community Mutations each update?

Custom Campaigns
PC users, don’t forget we updated the current featured campaign to One 4 Nine. Check our blog at l4d.com for more information.

One of the most asked questions we get - can the Xbox 360 get community campaigns? Yes and no. We can’t just put the maps up on our servers and have them work. We need to release the maps as part of a DLC package.

So the next question is - will we include community campaigns in future DLC? We are exploring that possibility and meeting with people to try and put it into motion. You can help by participating in the next poll that will be about community campaigns for both the PC and Xbox 360.