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December 17th Update

December 17, 2010 - L4D Team

Special Delivery, The Walking Dead, The Next Mutation

Special Delivery
These Specials deliver non-stop action!

This Mutation is a variation of Hard Eight. Spawn timers have been removed and the Special spawn cap has been raised to ten. The changes sound subtle, but they really mix up the gameplay.

The Walking Dead?
Last poll asked if you were watching the television series The Walking Dead. If it is available in your area - you are. 55% of 360 players and 49% of PC players are watching. 20% of the PC players did not have it available in their area compared to 15% on the 360. This variation matches the geographical makeup of each player base as there is a slightly greater International mix of players on the PC.

Mutation Madness!
With today’s Mutation, we are releasing for the first time for us community created content on the XBOX 360. This is only the first with many more to follow. Some Mutations will be takes on existing ones and some will take us into wild variations. We wanted to start with something familiar and move from there.

It has been great playing all the community Mutations and we can’t wait to release more for everyone to play. With that in mind, while we can see what Mutations are the most popular, the numbers can be misleading. That number only shows us what people play but doesn’t tell us what they want to play. Right now the most popular Mutations are Coop then Versus. But our question to you is what game mode should the next Mutation be? Vote in this week’s poll to let us know.

Holiday Schedule
We will have another update and blog post in two weeks and then we will get back to a regular schedule of a Mutation every two weeks, a featured campaigns on the off week, and more frequent blog posts. For upcoming posts we are going to look at the data we have gathered from our Realism Versus tests, the impact of playing with friends, a look at coop and more.