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November 12th Update

November 12, 2010 - L4D Team

Taannkk!, The Breakdown, Feature?

Everything is coming up Taannkk!!

Scared to play Versus? Think there is too much strategy? Don’t want to embarrass yourself? Give Taannkk!! a try. We simplify everything. What does everyone spawn as? Tanks. What is trying to kill you? Tanks. Why should you keep running? Tanks. You’re welcome.

The Breakdown.
Taannkk! won easily and here is how the rest of the field faired by platform.

XBOX 360
51% Taannkk!!
17% Hunting Party
16% Healing Gnome
10% Lone Gunman
  6% Bleedout Versus

47% Taannkk!!
17% Healing Gnome
16% Hunting Party
12% Lone Gunman
  8% Bleedout Versus

You are playing Versus, you see a Survivor in red, you pounce on them! You tear them up for 10 seconds and when you get knocked off they get right up. Seems they had temporary health you didn’t “see”.

So we propose that the Player’s outline should match their current health not their permanent health. So if they have 20 health and take pills we show their glow as green not red. As their health counts down the green would turn to orange then red.

The problem here is if everyone was green, you wouldn’t clearly see who had temporary health or permanent health – most people would rather be eating through someone’s permanent health in this case.

You can always check the scoreboard but this is just for the quick identification you do based on the infected glow. So that leads us to the poll question. Would you rather the glow color reflect permanent health only or reflect permanent and temporary health? Let us know.