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Movie Night

August 19, 2010 - Matthew Scott

While waiting for DLC news to be announced on Game Trailers TV at 12:30am (PST) this Friday on Spike TV, we thought we would see what the community has been working on. Checking YouTube we found a bunch of cool movies. Here are just a few. Yes, we know some of these may make it a bit cOld in here, but just in case you missed them.

One word of warning, some of these movies use naughty words, have violence in them and well... other things. You have been warned.

First up is a Left 4 Dead Short Film directed by Connor McGuire and Colin McGuire.

NSBentertainment gives us some Witch action with part 1 of their short film. Part 2 is available from here.

There is this very teasing trailer from Daniele Bellucci and Marco Tudini for a Left 4 Dead movie.

Left 4 Dead First Infection is by Jesse Gouldsbury and Matt Gelfman. When you have a Zoey look alike, you have to run with it.

Not to be bothered with human actors, Chris O'Neill animates an amazing set of Left 4 Dead 1/2 movies.

These are just a small selection of all the movies available. Check YouTube or our Facebook page for more. If you create a movie, make sure to post about it on our Facebook page. With all this talent out there, I think we are in need of a contest. Movies, Midnight Riders, YouTube… Hmmmm. Stay tuned.