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360 Update

July 2, 2010 - L4D Team

Besides the Versus Survival Mutation update today, last night the following updates were applied to the Xbox 360 version.

Versus Changes

• Added a 25 point scoring penalty for using a Defibrillator.

• Scaled dynamic Defibrillators based on map length with a maximum of 1 per map.

• Removed dynamic Pill conversion to First Aid Kits.

• Removed Explosive Ammunition.

• Increased Jockey damage per second.

• Removed Jockey’s damage delay.

• Car Alarms will now trigger anytime a Special Infected pushes/pulls/rams a Survivor into an alarm car. This change only affects game modes with human-controlled Zombies .

• Special Infected bots spawn within 10 seconds of the Survivors leaving the safe room.

Survivor Bot Changes

• Improved SurvivorBot’s ability to support players who stop moving to fight infected.

• Improved SurvivorBot’s ability to support players in tight spaces.

• Changed Survivorbot item hunting behavior.

• SurvivorBots now stay closer to human players in all game modes.

• Fixed Survivorbot navigation issue in The Passing: Riverbank.

• Fixed bug where a SurvivorBot could become catatonic when attempting to save another Survivor from a Smoker.

• Fixed condition where SurvivorBots would not enter the saferoom.

Other Changes

• Increased self-inflicted friendly fire damage from the Grenade Launcher.

• Fixed bug where the M60 would reset its ammo if dropped in certain situations.

• Shortened spawn times for human Special Infected when the Infected team isn’t full. The time difference is added to the timer of the next bot in line to spawn.

• Fixed AI tanks sometimes not getting assigned to human players.

• Fixed exploit in The Passing where players could jump through a gap in the fence to skip a gauntlet.

• Fixed exploit in The Passing where players could get outside the world.

• Fixed commentary maps crashing on load, restored commentary option in main menu.

• Fixed team lobbies not working correctly for some game modes.