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June 25, 2010 - L4D Team

Chainsaw Massacre, Encore Week Voting, Do You Play On More than One?, Have You Earned a New Friend?

Chainsaw Massacre
4 chainsaws, millions of zombies.

You are armed with the only thing you need to survive a Zombie Apocalypse, a chainsaw. Rip apart thousands of zombies on your way to safety.

This Mutation is available in Campaign Mode.

Encore Week Voting
On the Xbox 360 Chainsaw Massacre won the voting by a large margin. Chainsaw Massacre earned 44% of the vote, Last Man On Earth 26%, Headshot! 20% and Room For One 10%.

On the PC the voting was much closer with Chainsaw Massacre winning by only 500 votes! Chainsaw Massacre earned 33% of the vote, Headshot! 32%, Last Man On Earth 22%, and Room For One 13%.

Do you play on more than one platform?
We often hear people say that they play Left 4 Dead 1 or Left 4 Dead 2 on both the PC and Xbox 360. We are curious, for how many people is this true? Do you own either L4D1 or L4D2 on the Xbox 360 and the PC?

Have You Earned a New Friend?
Xbox 360 owners who have been playing the Mutations may have noticed a new Avatar award. You only need to play 6 Mutations to earn everyone’s favorite Gnome. With 8 Mutations released and 12 more to go, time to get cracking on that Avatar award. How cool does the Gnome look with your Avatar? Does he clash with your cat makeup? Show off your Avatar and Gnome by posting a screen shot of both on our Left 4 Dead 2 Facebook page.