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June 11, 2010 - L4D Team

Room For One, Everything Must Go, Favorite Weapon Class

New Mutation
Room For One
Only room for one survivor in this rescue vehicle.

You need to work together only long enough until you can survive on your own. First person to the rescue vehicle wins!

This Mutation is available for Campaign Finales Only.

Everything Must Go
Last week's poll results for the question; If you could remove one item from the Survivors in Versus, what would it be?

PC Results
23% Nothing
19% Medkits
19% Defibs
18% Grenade Launcher
14% Explosive Ammo
 7% Incendiary Ammo

Xbox 360 Results
27% Nothing
21% Medkits
18% Defibs
16% Grenade Launcher
11% Explosive Ammo
 7% Incendiary Ammo

In this kind of Poll we don't consider "Nothing" the winner, as nothing to anything loses in both polls. What it does say is there are many things that people feel strongly about, maybe not strong enough to remove but strong enough that we should make some adjustments. So we are going to be making adjustments.

Favorite Weapon
This week's in-game blog poll is; what is your favorite weapon class?

On the PC this week we are testing increased self-inflicted friendly fire damage for the Grenade Launcher. Will this change balance the Grenade Launcher? Time will tell. We will continue to experiment with changes on both platforms through this process.

Favorite Weapon
This week's in-game blog poll is: what is your favorite weapon class?

Next Week's Mutation: Headshot!