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Week 6

May 28, 2010 - L4D Team

Last Man On Earth, Special Infected Love, Favorite Campaign, and Last Video on Earth.

New Mutation
Last Man On Earth.

You will become legend to the infected as the last human left.
You are the only Survivor left in the world. No split screen help. No Survivor bots. But don't worry you aren't entirely alone. While there are no common Infected, Special Infected will hunt you down and become close, close friends with you.

This Mutation is available in Single Player Mode.

Special Infected Love
The results from last week's poll are in and the Hunter clawed his way to the top.

Here are the numbers from the PC:
20% Hunter
17% Charger
15% Tank
13% Spitter
12% Smoker
11% Witch
 7% Boomer
 5% Jockey

And the 360:
22% Hunter
18% Tank
14% Smoker
14% Witch
13% Charger
7% Jockey
7% Spitter
5% Boomer

The only thing we are sure of is that people love the Hunter.

Favorite Campaign
So now that we know what creatures you like, what campaigns do you like? Tell us in this week's poll - What's your favorite campaign?

Last Video on Earth
Since this week's Mutation is Single player only, we can't really play it with you. How about this? You play by yourself. Record a video of your best 60 seconds. Upload that clip to YouTube with the tag "L4D2LastSurvivor". We will wade through the submissions and feature the best in next week's web blog. If you want to pimp your clip, you can also go to forums.l4d.com and post in this thread.

Next Week's Mutation: Chainsaw Massacre