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Our Contest Winners, and L4D2's New Special Infected

November 16, 2009 - L4D Team

The "Dude, Where's My Thumb?" contest is officially closed. Congratulations to contest winner Roland Nagy, who just won himself an extremely limited edition (i.e. one) customized "infected" Xbox 360 for his entry below:

Sure, it's photoshopped. But with the level of detail and originality of its premise, it was awesome enough that it wins anyway.

25 runners-up will be getting signed copies of Left 4 Dead 2 for their entries. Below are some of our favorites.

This entry comes to us from Isaac. We liked how happy this Hunter seems to be with himself. Everything's gonna be okay!

This entry comes from Alec Benjamin Miller. It was probably our favorite among the non-photoshopped entries, and one of the few entries we got that incorporated the Jockey. (We hope that's the Jockey, anyway. Otherwise we have no way to explain what's happening in this photo.)

This entry comes to us from Luca Calabrese, sporting the best Bill costume we've ever seen. He grimaces just like Bill. He wears a beret just like Bill. He even has a fake beard, just like bald old completely hairless Bill.

Last Friday we posted character pages for Ellis, Coach, Nick and Rochelle. Today Left 4 Dead 2's new Special Infected get their turn: The Spitter, the Charger, and the Jockey.