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The End is Near...

November 17, 2008 - L4D Team

Less than four hours to go until Left 4 Dead goes live at the stroke of midnight (EST) on Steam, and that means the Valve Launch Box will be dragged out of its off-season home in Gabe Newell's tool shed.

What does the Launch Box do? When its keys and levers are turned and pulled in sequence, it emits clouds of dry ice, fires off klaxon noises, and finally, when you press the red button, releases games. And, because it's kept in Gabe Newell's tool shed and nobody ever bothers to check it for bee hives, bees. (If there's one thing that makes those things angrier than klaxon noises, it's dry ice!)

Like the release of the Orange Box this past October, the entire staff will be here tonight to celebrate. Unlike with the Orange Box release, we're hoping, the entire staff will not be attacked by as many bees.