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Legoland of the Dead

October 3, 2008 - Erik Wolpaw

This weekend, expert Lego Builders from all over the world will convene in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall for BrickCon 2008. The exhibition floor features a massive group project called the Zombie Apocafest, a giant, bloody urban zombie apocalypse rendered entirely in Lego. We got a sneak preview of it today, and it's awesome. Even more awesome, there's a Left 4 Dead billboard right in the middle of the action!

Defending the billboard, Lego Bill, Louis, Francis, and Zoey.

The billboard overlooks a mall.

The Survivors dig in as the zombie horde breaches the mall entrance.

The survivors pose beneath a surprisingly graphic Lego chest wound.

Francis, Bill, and Louis guard the flank while Zoey helps a cowboy deliver some, again, amazingly gory all-Lego head shots.

The L4D billboard also overlooks the Holly Star Lanes from The Big Lebowski.

Continuing our dream Big Lebowski / Left 4 Dead crossover theme, here's (from right to left) Zoey, Louis, Francis, Bill, and Walter Sobchak.