Left 4 Dead Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Awards

Left 4 Dead has earned numerous awards coming out of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angles, California . Many media outlets are still publishing their “Best Of E3” stories, but here’s a quick look at the honors earned so far:

E3 Game Critics Awards: Left 4 Dead wins Best Online Multiplayer game.
Kotaku.com: Kotaku's Best of E3 Picks: Best PC Game, Best Action Game, Best Online Multiplayer Game
NY Times: The World’s a Stage for Interactive Entertainment as Creativity Glows
1up.com: 1UP's Best of E3 2008
UGO.com: Best PC Game - Left 4 Dead
UGO.com: Best Mutiplayer Game
IGN.com: Best Multiplayer Experience
PlanetXbox: Best First Person Action Gaming
PlatformNation.com: Best Game of Show
Maxim: The 5 Unsung Games of E3 2008
Venture Beat: Top 10 Sleepers of the Show

Left 4 Dead E3 Coverage

During the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angles, California , Left 4 Dead was playable for journalist and industry folk in a dedicated suite. Here’s a recap of the written and video impressions:

ActionTrip: Left 4 Dead Hands-On Preview
AtomicGamer.com: E3 08 Preview
Buttonmasher.co.nz: Left 4 Dead Hands On Preview
Destructoid: E3 08: Left 4 Dead is frighteningly amazing
G4’s Xplay: Hand-On Left 4 Dead
Gamespot: E3 2008: Left 4 Dead Updated Hands-On
Gamespot TV: Left 4 Dead Stage Show Demo
Gamernode.com: E3 2008: Left 4 Dead direct feed video preview
Game Informer: E3 '08: Nick's Take On The Week
GamingExcellence.com: E3 2008: Left 4 Dead Preview
TheHachiko.com: E3 2008 Preview: 'Left 4 Dead' (PC)
Jeuxvideo.tv: Left 4 Dead en Vidéo
Ripten: Hands-On: Left 4 Dead
Shacknews: Shack Editor Left 4 Dead in New Footage of Valve Zombie Shooter
Shacknews: Left 4 Dead E3 Preview: New Characters, New Weapons, New Details
The Escapist: E3 2008: Left 4 Dead Hands-on
Tiscali.cz: Left 4 Dead - E3 dojmy
Tom’s Games: E3 08: Left 4 Dead Hands-On Preview
MaximumPC: E3 2008: Left 4 Dead Interview. New Graphics, Weapons, and Steam Achievement Details
MPOGD.com: E3 2008 Preview: Left 4 Dead - PC
MTV.com: Valve’s ‘Left 4 Dead’ Feels Finished, Very Scary
Kotaku: Left 4 Dead Multiplayer Video - Frighteningly Good
PlatformNation.com: Left 4 Dead Interview and Gameplay Video
Xbox360Fanboy.com: E3 08: Hands On: Left 4 Dead [update]
Gamecyte.com: E3 2008: Valve Interview: Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress, Too
Gametrailers.com: E3 2008: Developer Walkthrough
GamingShogun.com: E3 2008 - Interview With Doug Lombardi Regarding Left 4 Dead
SarcasticGamer.com: E3 2008 Hands-on: Left 4 Dead
KeenandGraev.com: E3: Left 4 Dead Info and Video
Palgn.com.au: E3 2008: Left 4 Dead Preview
VoodooExtreme: Left 4 Dead Hands-on
WorthPlaying: Preview PC Preview - 'Left 4 Dead'

Left 4 Dead in San Francisco

On Monday, May 12, Left 4 Dead made an appearance at another EA sponsored press event in San Francisco . Some of the reporting from that event may be found here:

Gametap: "Two idiots bumble their way through Valve's zombie outbreak."
Kotaku: Hands-on Impressions
MTV Multiplayer: ‘Left 4 Dead’ Is The Online Zombie Game That ‘Resident Evil: Outbreak’ Wanted To Be
Gamespot: Interview with Valve's Doug Lombardi with Left 4 Dead footage
Gamespy: L4D Preview
IGN: Interview — Valve's Doug Lombardi
Joystiq: Hands-on — Left 4 Dead

Spring 2008 London Press Events

L4D was recently shown at an extremely well attended press event in Islington, on the north end of London. Here are a few samples of what the press had to say about the game:

The Guardian: A unique experience for every player.
bit-tech.net: Interview with Valve's Chet Faliszek.
Computer and Videogames.com (CVG): New Left 4 Dead shots.
Gamespot (UK): Left 4 Dead Hands-On
gamesradar.com: New Left 4 Dead shots.
Total Video Games: TVG sits down with Valve's Doug Lombardi
play.tm: Doug Lombardi Interview — Left 4 Dead and more under discussion
videogaming247: EA Games Studio Showcase — Left 4 Dead Presentation, Streaming audio and new shots

L4D Making Headlines

In recent weeks, Left 4 Dead has been featured on the pages and covers of several gaming enthusiast publications the world over. Below are thumbs of some of the recent covers. Keep an eye out for more coverage as we continue to show the game to the press and public at gaming events throughout the spring and summer.

EA 2007 Studio Show Case

EA hosted a large even at their headquarters in Redwood Shores, CA. The press was very excited to see Left 4 Dead in action. Here are some links to reviews and videos from the show:

Gamespot: Left 4 Dead Hand-on update.
IGN: Left 4 Dead progress report.
GameVideos: Left 4 Dead "Sewer Survival" video
GameTrailers: Gameplay videos
Shacknews: Left 4 Dead Hand-on impressions
GameZone: Left 4 Dead preview
GameTrailers: Story and Undead playability interview

Game Almighty E3 '07 Interview
During E3, Game Almighty interviews Mike Booth about Left 4 Dead and how he'd survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

QuakeCon 2007 News Blitz

Some members of the Left 4 Dead development team traveled to Texas to give the public a chance to preview the game. Below are links to several reports with videos and pictures from the convention.

Shacknews: Left 4 Dead HD Footage
Gaming Today Q&A: Chet Faliszek for Left 4 Dead
IGN: Hands-on Left 4 Dead
Gamespot: Left 4 Dead hands-on.
GameSpy: Left 4 Dead Preview
Gametrailers: Left 4Dead reviews, trailers, and interviews
Eurogamer: Left 4 Dead QuakeCon interview
GameVideos: Left 4 Dead gameplay video
GameVideos: Left 4 Dead QuakeCon interview
Games are Fun: Left 4 Dead preview

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