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Stats Friday

July 13, 2012 - L4D Team

It has been too long since we had some stats, so we took a break today to run some numbers from yesterday’s (July 12th) activity on the PC.
237,412 Players played 7,147,979 minutes for an average session time of 30 minutes.

What game types were they playing?
GameType% of Total Player Minutes
Single Player2.43
Current Mutation1.70
Realism Versus1.53

What skill level are people playing Co-op?
15% Easy
53% Normal
19% Advanced
13% Expert

The most popular campaigns?
No Mercy
Dark Carnival
Swamp Fever
Dead Air
Hard Rain

The Most popular custom campaigns?
Dead Echo 2
Death Aboard 2
Arena of the Dead 2

We should be adding these into the featured custom campaign list.

There were 6,541,389 incidents of friendly fire.

98% of the game sessions had zero players kicked during the game.

28,495 achievements were earned.

All in all, a pretty good day for a game that was released 969 days ago.