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May 4th Update

May 4, 2012 - L4D Team

Follow the Liter, Infection!

Follow the Liter
Scavenge one can at a time.

No more fighting over what cans to grab first. This Mutation spawns only one group of cans at a time, so survivors know exactly where to go. There is only one problem: the Infected know exactly where they are going.

This presents a different strategy from regular Scavenge mode and actually tips match in favor of the Infected.

Besides working on getting the DLC out on the 360 and playing L4D2 ourselves, the team has recently started playing some other zombie infection related games we thought we would share.

Our most obvious pick is Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 1 available on Steam. If you love the comic and like the TV show as much as we do, the game is a great addition to the franchise.

Just this week, Pandemic 2.5 was released on the IOS. We played this game a ton on the PC while we thought about how viruses spread. While it is not a scholarly study like the book Flu, it is quite a bit more fun. With its release on the iPhone, you can now plot the world’s demise while sit in the Doctor’s office waiting for your appointment.

Let us know in the forums or on Facebook what games you’re playing.