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June 3rd Update

June 3, 2011 - L4D Team

Versus Survival, Bunker?, The Train Station?

Versus Survival
Can you survive against your friends?

The first Survivor team sets the time. The second team tries to beat it. Then the first team tries to beat the second team's time. Then the second team tries to beat the first team's time. And then the... you get the idea. Rounds keep switching until someone fails to beat the previous time.

This is a great way to try Versus. Rounds are only as long as you can keep beating each others' times. There are no rushing Survivors. Infected spawns get quicker as the time increases. It is mayhem filled with all the weapon perks and items. Whatís not to like? Give it a try.

Last poll we asked, what do you think of the end bunker in Cold Streamís first map. If you actually played the map - you love it. The vote breaks down to 84% for 16% against. The other option was if you hadnít played the map. That vote was 71% against and 19% for, almost the exact opposite from the results of those who played it.

This is a good illustration for why we design based on observed play tests and not anecdotal evidence. Those who didnít play arenít wrong with their vote, that is their opinion but without first-hand experience they were unable to evaluate the true impact of this change.

The Train Station
We are bringing over more L4D1 maps for the upcoming L4D2 DLC. We have been making some changes to accommodate the differences in L4D2 game play. For example, at the very start of Blood Harvest, it was way too easy to charge someone from the start position off to their death. But now we have a question for you, if you have played Blood Harvest, is the 4th map, The Train Station, too easy?