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March 24th Update

March 24, 2011 - L4D Team

Last Gnome On Earth, Scavenge?, To Tier One Or Not To Tier One

Last Gnome On Earth

Protect the gnome at all cost.

Do you crave attention? Want all the infected to swarm you and the gnome you are carrying? Then we have the campaign game mode for you. The team needs to carry the garden gnome from start to finish in any campaign. The common infected hate the gnome and will swarm whoever is carrying him. Watch out putting him on the ground, a boomer explosion will send him flying!

For last poll we asked, are you going to play at least one round of Scavenge in the original Left 4 Dead campaigns once they are ported to Left 4 Dead 2? 60% of you are going to give it a go, a whopping 23% answered huh,what?, and 17% of you hate fun.

To Tier One Or Not To Tier One
We just released the Cold Stream Beta on Steam this past week. This campaign is a work in progress and will eventually make its way onto the Xbox 360, check the blog for more information. The intro map originally had no tier 1 weapons and players were left to fend for themselves with just melee weapons and pistols. Because of the length of the map, an SMG spawn was added just before release. What do you prefer: just pistols and melee to start or do you like to have a full complement of weapons at the start?