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February 25th Update

February 25, 2011 - L4D Team

Reminder, Bleed Out , Favorite NPC, Anticipation Reminder

We are going to cycle back to the original Mutations for a little bit. After our recent poll about community Mutations we received many emails pointing out that you cannot earn Mutant Overlord playing custom mutations. Donít stop with the Mutation ideas, we will come back to community Mutations. We are just taking a little break for now.

Bleed Out
Your health is a ticking away!
With constant mobs chasing you, there's no time for standing around. You have no permanent health, only temporary health that is continuously ticking away. You won't find any health packs to restore your health, only pills and adrenaline. This mutation is for Campaign mode.

Favorite NPC
We asked, In all the L4D world, who is your favorite NPC?
Death Tollís Church Guy won with 27% of the vote with Swamp Feverís Virgil following with 23%, Whitaker from Dead Center and the Chopper Pilot from No Mercy tied with 15% , John Slater from Death Toll took 9% of the vote, and 11% of you couldnít make up your mind or are so in love with all of them you couldnít choose just one.

Most anticipated L4D1 Map?
With the announcement of Cold Stream we also mentioned that we will be porting over additional Left 4 Dead 1 maps. Which one has you the most excited?

Dead Air
Death Toll
Blood Harvest
Crash Course
No Opinion