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July 23, 2010 - L4D Team

Mutation Week 14: Healthpackalypse!, What else are you playing?, Pick Your Mutation, extra updates.

No health in this versus game.

Grind down the Survivors and donít worry about them bouncing back. With no Health kits in Versus, their permanent health is on a one way ride to zero.

What else are you playing?
Last week we asked, what else are you playing? On the Left 4 Dead 2 team, our own poll winners are Modern Warfare 2 and Team Fortress 2. Red Dead Redemption would have won a few weeks ago.

With None of these Winning the PC poll and coming in second on the Xbox, what else are you playing? Let us know in the forums or on Facebook.

Here are your votes by platform.

27% None Of These
25% Team Fortress 2
16% Modern Warfare 2
11% Bad Company 2
11% Counter-Strike Source
 7% GTA 4
 2% Empire Total War
 2% Football Manager 2010

Xbox 360
32% Modern Warfare 2
16% None Of These
13% Halo 3
12% Red Dead Redemption
 8% Gears of War 2
 7% Bad Company 2
 5% GTA 4
 5% Crackdown 2
 2% FIFA 2010

Pick Your Mutation?
It's time to pick your favorite Mutation! Vote for next week's Encore Mutation.
To vote enter the game, view the in-game blog, and click to vote.

Extra Updates
PC players will also be getting some Versus updates this coming week. We have more updates coming so donít think this is all we are going to do. These changes will show up on the Xbox 360 in a later update.

Next week's Mutation: ????