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Turning Silver into Gold

January 12, 2010 - L4D Team

For this weekend only, Microsoft is hosting a free multiplayer weekend for Left 4 Dead 2. What does this mean? You don't need to have an Xbox Live Gold account to access Left 4 Dead 2's multiplayer features. That's right: You will be upgraded from Silver to Gold for free. You can go online alone or with a split-screen friend. This event starts at 5pm GMT Friday, January 15th and ends at 5pm on Sunday the 18th.

In other news: We've just rolled out a new PC update that you can read more about here. Xbox 360 users should be seeing a console version of this same patch very soon.

Also, over the next few weeks, keep an eye on your favorite gaming web sites and magazines for new info on our upcoming DLC "The Passing".